Kaikoura Natural Attractions

Kaikoura is New Zealand’s center of eco tourism.

Below we’ve listed some of the major Kaikoura attractions like Whale Watching, Seal Swim and Albatross Encounter that you can experience here in Kaikoura so you can enjoy your stay with Admiral Creighton B&B Quality Accommodation to the fullest.

Whale Watch

WOW!! ~ Whale Watching – This is the most must see must do.Whale Watching

Take three plus hours out of your day to see these magnificent Sperm Whales set against the Seaward Kaikoura Mountains. Travel on the Whale Watch Fast Cat and watch as these magnificent mammals prepare to dive hundreds of meters into the Kaikoura Trench. The knowledgeable staff abourd ensure this is an event you will never forget.

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Kaikoura Albatross Encounter

Albatross Encounter

Do you know how many varieties of Albatross we have in Kaikoura? Well I’m not telling as you will have to come and see these magnificent sea birds for yourself. The Albatross come so close to the boat you can almost reach out and touch them.

Most of the albatross seen in Kaikoura have travelled thousands of kilometres to get here. Some of the albatross seen in the area have bands on their legs and these bands have been put on while the birds are on their nesting sites on Sub Antarctic Islands.

One of the reasons for such a large number of different types of seabirds in our area is the presence of a deepwater trench (the Kaikoura Canyon), close inshore and upwellings of cold nutrient rich water over the shallower coastal waters which sustains a vibrant food chain supporting a large variety of fish species, marine mamals and seabirds.

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Kaikoura Seal Swim

Kaikoura is home to several Seal colonies some in sheltered waters just minutes from the shopping area.Seal Swim

Eye ball the Seals in their domain. Wet suits provided, one of Kaikoura’s premier attractions. Snorkelling with wild New Zealand Fur Seals, in the shallow waters of the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula, truly is a unique experience. It’s one of those simple nature experiences that opens your mind to the sheer magnificence of our natural environment and its amazing inhabitants.

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