Kaikoura Sightseeing

Kaikoura’s stunning location – bordered by the sea on one side and the Kaikoura Ranges on the other – makes Kaikoura one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist locations.

Come sightseeing in Kaikoura, New Zealand, and enjoy the many sightseeing opportunities to be found in Kaikoura, including walking tracks, scuba diving and wine tours.

Kaikoura Helicopters

Kaikoura  HelicoptersThe choice is yours, Whalewatching, hunting or viewing the fabulous scenery of which Kaikoura is famous. New Zealand’s most experienced aerial whale-watching company, Kaikoura Helicopters is the only helicopter operator in the world to view Sperm Whales twelve months of the year.

Whale watching by helicopter began in Kaikoura in the Summer of 1991 and since that time, more and more visitors have viewed whales from the air.

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Maori Tours

Maori ToursCatch a touch of Maori culture. This has been given good press by the Guests of Admiral Creighton B and B Accommodation who took part in a tour.

An authentic Experience – They offer refreshingly authentic experiences delivered in a natural way. You will gain a rare insight into how the Maori people have adapted to the world of today.

Traditional Maori values are applied in their daily operation and determine the way they conduct their business affairs. They welcome the opportunity to share those values with you.

Emotionally engaging trips that give a real taste of Maoritanga and the genuine hospitality it demands.


Waipara Wine Tours

Waipara Wine ToursGet picked up in Christchurch and dropped off in Kaikoura at the Admiral Creighton B&B Luxury Accommodation.

In the middle you can enjoy an extensive tour of several Vineyards. What a way to get to a great place like Kaikoura.